About the building

Fortunately, the series of licensing plans of the building drawn by Kasselik Fidél survived. The house was really built on the basis of this plan, with minor deviations on the front, but with more significant ones in the layoutplan, and was already originally planned with four levels, contrary to the publicly circulated tradition that the fourth level was subsequently added. According to a tradition in the family of the subsequent owner of the house at Október 6. street, both houses were built as barracks or officers’ accommodations. Three large coach houses were designed on the ground level, and a horse stable in the cellar of the house at Október 6. street 22.

After several construction works at the appointment of Gold Lujza, owner of the house, overall renovation and modernisation were made in 1933 and 1934, with the replacement of the roof at several points, and an elevator was also added, then the renovation between 1971 and 1978 significantly changed the interior of the building in respect of both layout and interior design. It was very worn in its status of 1960, and many flats were out of date, and also demolition was considered.

In 1967 an overall survey was done, and subsequently construction plans were made by architect Makray Sándor. The external fronts were restored on the basis of it, which resulted mainly in the restoration of the original classicist, semi-circular openings of the ground-level architecture and of the surface design.

About the designer

Kasselik Fidél was born about 1760 in the Austrian Waidhofen, and moved to Pest in the 1790ies, where he founded a dynasty of architects. The citizenship of Pest was granted to him in 1795.

The maister with late baroque education gradually shifted to the style of classicism. His major works in Pest: parish-church of Terézváros, street front of the parish-church of Józsefváros, and palaces of Pest: Gruber-house, Festetich-house, Splényi-house. The castle in Vereb was built also for the Ürményi’s between 1812 and 1815. He died on 26th May in 1930 in Pest.