“Nothing is as marvellous as a fresh strudel:
the poppy seed strudel with its amazing smell,
its flavour hiding far eastern secrets,
the nut strudel – that my Mother prepares with a pinch of cinnamon, and
fragrant rum – with its brilliant aroma and rich taste recalling
tropical tales,
the cherry strudel with its pleasant freshness.
And the cottage cheese strudel, sprinkled with raisin and maddened by
vanilla – when sugar is filtering through its pores while baking,
putting a golden caramel crown onto this royal bite.”

(Pál Kövi: Feast in Transylvania)

“A good strudel is almost dripping with fat, you can`t realize its
as it is melt on your tongue
and its filling is juicily melt to a;
let`s say the word: dream. ”

(from among Lady Emma`s advice)

“…don`t spare your stomach!
Strudels are just like women,
either sacrifice yourself for them
or give them up!”

(Pál Ignotus)

“… strudel dough is good enough only
if you can roll out a hussar along with his horse into the strudel
from a
roll-size loaf.”

(from among Lady Emma`s advice)


“However, neither the finest Hungarian flour means that anybody could
“draw” the strudel dough. Even excellent housewives and cooks
may make the strudel dough
full of holes like a net,
while some beginner girls
might cope with it at their first attempts.
It is obviously a kind of thing you must be born to.

(Calendar feasts)

“The proper strudel dough is so thin that you can read the
newspaper below it.”

“…the secret of Hungarian culinary artisn`t only consist
of creating delicious meals
but it also includes how they are served,
one after the other, in a way that
the meal consumed could indeed
be longing for the following one,
and when you think you are completely full,
then something else is brought again
for which you must say:
but we must taste it!”

(Mór Jókai)