Our ars poetica: preserving the tradition of strudel-making and sharing it with our guests. Try them here in the restaurant, or take them home with you and share it with others!

Shaped by centuries, until it reached its form today: voile-like thinness, crunchy pastry, which, when paired with magnificent flavours, truly evokes the taste of home. 

Strudel flavors

In addition to our basic flavors, we also make special strudel that changes daily.

Gift Boxes

Freshly baked strudels with various options for take-away! Our take-away boxes come in 3 different sizes (3, 6 and 20 pieces), and are ready to be filled with your favourite strudels! 

Thinking of taking strudels to a special occasion? We have unique boxes with folk art design, a box specially designed for soon-to-be mums with Hungarian traditional art, and we even offer a Christmas box so you can add some more sparkle to the holiday season! All these exclusive boxes fit 10 strudels. Gift bags are also available for both the regular and exclusive boxes!



Strudel for take away - 880 Ft/piece
Pillow box (maximum 3 strudels) - 300 Ft
Small box (maximum 6 strudels) - 400 Ft
Large box (maximum 20 strudels)- 500 Ft
Gift box - 1 500 Ft
Gift bag - 750 Ft
Gift card - 150 Ft